Monday, March 16, 2009


end of the world, survival gear, survival guide, 2012, how to survive doomsdayDoomsday is coming according to many reputable sources, "doomsday clock" is commonly known. If you use your common sense and take a look at what’s going on in the world nowadays you can’t help but to agree. When will end of the world come? When will doomsday come? Some say "2012" is the magic number. What we need to do is prepare for the worst even if you are a skeptic. Just look at what’s going on in America today, people are losing their jobs everyday and I am sure every single one of those people that have lost their job or is going to lose their job has responsibilities that they need to meet. When someone loses their job that means you have taken a part of their life that is extremely vital because everything else pretty much depends on that, it’s like having a car with only 3 wheels.

I am writing this article to help you learn "how to survive doomsday" not in a sense to find you a new job….I mean get real….why would you look for a job that doesn’t exist? This is sort of a survival guide that helps you survive the new time in a sense of "how to prepare for doomsday". I am not sure if there’s a doomsday book out there but I looked and there really isn’t any doomsday book or doomsday survival guide out there…not to my knowledge anyways. Most of the book I found about doomsday is mostly just describes what events are about to come.

First thing you will need in any natural disaster is water; make sure you have plenty of water. My recommendation is to collect extra juice bottles or drinking water bottles and fill them up with water and store them away. In event of "doomsday" water will become scarce and water is the most important substance to survival so you want to make sure you have plenty of it. Also, make sure to keep some chlorine because the water that you kept in storage may need treatment.

Second doomsday item you will need to keep in storage in event of doomsday is dry food anything that is non-perishable food. Example would be rice and beans. When end of the world comes, food will definitely be scarce, not to mention the production of it. Dooms day will come just matter of when; "dooms day" clock is clicking as I am typing this article. Rice and bean is easy to store and doesn’t cost a lot of money…perfect foods for survival in end of world scenario.

Third survival skills you will need is to pick out proper survival gear, first aid kits in doomsday scenario is necessary. In event if you get sick or get hurt having the right first aid kit is vital.

Remember 2012 doomsday clock is ticking down and you will need all the doomsday survival skills to survive this catastrophe. I hope this is a good doomsday survival guide for many of you who haven’t started putting together your doomsday kit.

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