Tuesday, May 19, 2009

storing food for doomsday

storing food for doomsday, doomsday food, survival food, emergency foodWhat kinds of food to store and how to store properly for doomsday scenarios:

The inevitable economic collapse will cause shortage in food supplies. Thus, "storing food for doomsday" will not be easy, but it CAN be done! Not only will the food supply be low, but the price of food will sky rocket which follows the law of supply and demand. So my advice to anyone would be to start store as much food as you can before the collapse (doomsday) takes place, because if you wait until then it maybe very hard to even find any food. So I would recommend that if you have a lot or even a little bit of money you should start stocking up on your survival kits. Obviously you don’t want to just stock any food. You have to make sure the food that you stock will last and not spoil in a short time. Also, you want to make sure the foods that you stockpile are the type of food that you would eat and also provides you with the natural vitamins and minerals that you need to survive. This is how to store food for doomsday! The following are some examples of doomsday foods that you can stockpile and store for a long period of time:
1- Rice
2- Beans
3- Can tuna
4- Flour
5- Yeast
6- Pasta
7- Seasonings
8- Variety of seeds to grow fruits and vegetables

I won’t discuss the nutritional value of each item; I’ll leave it up to you to do research on the nutritional benefit of them. However, storing food for doomsday should be your top priority!

Now, having those items that doesn’t spoil easy isn’t the only thing you need to do. You will need to find ways to protect them for pests such as grain beetles, mice and etc….. I’ll list each item again and I’ll provide methods you can use to prevent pests from getting into your foods.
Doomsday food 1-rice, I would recommend buying a big 50 lb bag of rice and you can store them either by putting the 50 lb bag in a heavy duty trash bag and tight a knot on top. You could also break them up into several different bags using a vacuum sealer, but if you do it this way it could get tedious. Storing doomsday food shouldn't become too much of a chore.
Doomsday food 2- beans, use the same method you would use for rice as described above.
Doomsday food 3- can tuna, since this is canned already you won’t have to do anything.
Doomsday food 4- flour, use the same method of storage as rice and beans.
Doomsday food 5- yeast, use the same method of storage as rice and beans.
Doomsday food 6- pasta, use the same method of storage as rice and beans.
Doomsday food 7- seasonings, this is already bottled so you don’t need to do anything with it.
Doomsday food 8- seeds, use the same storage method as rice, beans and flour.

If you follow my suggestions you are more than half way prepared for the disaster that’s about to happen. Remember, if you want to ride out the disaster that’s about to come, you need to start preparing and storing your "doomsday food". The more prepare you are the better chance you and your family will survive the economic collapse or doomsday you might want to call it. Thank you for reading my storing food for doomsday guide! I wish you the best of luck!

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